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One Low Monthly Payment

All of your unsecured debt paid, with a single, low monthly payment. We love helping people save money.

No Interest or Up-Front Fees

With Debt Resolution, you don’t pay until the job is done, and the fees are already factored into your monthly payment.

Lower Balances, Money Saved

With lower negotiated balances and no interest or up-front fees, you’re saving money monthly, and long-term.


This is where DEBT ENDS and LIFE BEGINS.

Financial independence is our business and we’re passionate about helping people make a fresh start.  Our certified consultants are standing by to review your personal situation, and find the best option.

  • I received 100% communication, and I highly recommend

    Ellana Deen Avatar Ellana Deen

    Thank you Consumer First for helping get my finances back on track. Great experience.

    George Lotesto Avatar George Lotesto

    This company changed my life! I went from not knowing how I would ever pay my bills to now being debt free! Thank you!

    Cindy Biram Avatar Cindy Biram

    They have helped me with all my questions, they’re always professional and friendly. They have treated me as if we were old friends or family.

    Isaac Alvarado Avatar Isaac Alvarado
  • I got the call today that I completed my program. I am now out of debt in 36 months. I was deep in credit card debt. They negotiated… read more

    Regina Donoghue Avatar Regina Donoghue

    I am very pleased with my dealings with this company, they have made my life a lot better!!! I would recommend them to all my friends and family 💯💯💯👏👏👏 Thanks… read more

    Brenda Watson Avatar Brenda Watson

    Great ,helpful , understanding , kept in touch with how things were going. Hope to never need you again. I am out of dept and I am staying that way…..thank… read more

    Betty Hoskins Avatar Betty Hoskins

    This is a very awesome program. The representative was very understanding , helpful and made my situation much easier to deal with. I really appreciate there service. I will recommend… read more

    Cynthia Harper Avatar Cynthia Harper

We handle your debt, so you can focus on you.

The first step is a free consultation so we can learn about your personal debt situation.  Our certified debt consultants will review your information to determine the best option for you.

Next, our experts will create a customized plan to negotiate and settle your debts quickly, and for less than what’s owed.  What does this mean for you?  Reduced or eliminated interest rates, lower negotiated balances, and a fast-track to eliminating your unsecured debt.

Debt free people enjoing family time.
Debt free people enjoying their dog.

Debt Relief Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated. We Make it Easy.

We never charge upfront fees.  We also don’t make any money unless we settle your debt.  This means if you qualify for our program, it’s in our best interest to work hard to reduce your debts quickly. 

Our proven debt resolution program keeps your monthly payment low, while we work to lower your balances. When you fall behind, or are stuck making minimum payments, most of your money is going straight to interest (profit for the creditor). This is the trap they set to keep you in debt.

So how do you escape this trap? Resolve your debt for less than you owe, we’ll show you how.

How Exactly Does Debt Resolution Work?

We make thing simple around here, you have enough stress dealing with your debt. Our process is simple, straightforward, and transparent.


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